We're on the move AND we've re-branded!

A New Chapter for Need Financial Planning

We’re very excited to announce that our team are moving to a new location and we’ve decided to use this as an opportunity for a long discussed re-brand. We hold some wonderful memories at 55 Upper Dane Road, Margate - it’s been a great space for us; we’ve learnt (from the best), we’ve grown and we’ve been inspired, all from that little hub we’ve called home for the last 6 years.

A move to Broadstairs was Colin’s dream and one that we weren’t ready to give up on, so the move comes with a sense of pride that we’ve been able to follow that dream through.  The new office is on the high street, immersed in the community vibe that Colin always loved. Other motivations have included;

Space - The team has now got to a point where we were quickly outgrowing the office, and while we’re a close team…we need a little space! We’ve always been a fan of our open-plan office, it’s promoted open dialogue and some of our biggest and greatest ideas have happened because of that. So, we were keen to find a space that would still allow for that (but with a little more leg room!) but also come with a separate space for client meetings.

Visibility – We started to become increasingly aware that our visibility beyond Upper Dane Road was scarce. It’s a quiet road, with next to no foot traffic and so we were starting to feel a little anonymous. The buzz of Broadstairs is a lot more in keeping with our team vibe and ambition.

Location – Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants?

We’ve got a few finishing touches left to do in the office, but we’re loving the new space already. We’ll be officially opening our doors very soon, so if you find yourself in the area do come and say hi!

You can find us at: 123 High Street, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 1NQ (or if you want to contact us now, click here!)